Craig Kief’s work is an eclectic collection spanning many genres and styles. This variety has made him highly adaptable, and a perfect fit for a diverse set of directors.

Most recently Craig finished shooting the first season and pilot of the hit comedy series The Mick for FOX. The series stars Kaitlin Olsen (It’s Aways Sunny In Philadelphia), and was a unique challenge with every episode containing kids, stunts, special effects, vfx, multiple locations, and cross coverage of every scene with 3 cameras, while still maintaining graceful modeled lighting that reflects the opulence and beauty of the most expensive community in America.

Prior to this was the sophomore film from the team that created 7 Days In Hell, the most successful comedy in HBO’s history. The Andy Samberg starring film is called Tour De Pharmacy, and will be released in July 2017. The film is a mockumentary about the 1983 Tour de France – told through mixed media archival footage Craig shot with vintage video cameras. Simulating the television coverage of the Tour’s alpine ride required a variety of rigs, camera cars, drone work, and other tricks.

The 2015/16 television season brought Craig's first network pilot and series, The Muppets for ABC. After his experience shooting several commercials for The Muppets, he was chosen to shoot the series in part because of the highly technical nature of the production. Every single shot was both a visual, and a special effect. The series broke new ground for the ensemble, by photographing them in a kinetic style with as many as six cameras at a time that had never been done before. This and a component of the show that mimicked a late night talk show with pedestal cameras, moving lights, and other tricks, created an opportunity to construct several different looks within the show.

Prior to and in between television series and films, Craig shoots commercials for clients such as Apple, Under Armour, Disney, AT&T, Google, and many others. He’s particularly regarded for his naturalism, speed, camera operating, and visual effects driven work.

He has also shot dozens of music videos, including Lovett's 'Eye of the Storm', which earned Craig a nomination for best cinematography at Camerimage, and an article in American Cinematographer. Other projects have been covered in ICG, IndieWire, Post Magazine, and Cinefex.

He also occasionally shoots documentaries, such as the Emmy nominated CNN Films series 'The Sixties' and 'The Seventies’. Prior to working as a director of photography, Craig spent several years as a commercial and indie film gaffer, and graduated from the Florida State University Film School, where he received an ASC award for cinematography with one of his student films. Craig is experienced and comfortable with the latest technologies in all major camera and lighting systems.